Body Cameras for Emergency Services

Emergency services are a vital part of our daily lives which is why body cameras for emergency services are on the rise. Sadly, body cameras ensure that staff feel safer and have a record of incidents when facing threats while trying to save lives. We rely heavily on Police, Fire, Ambulance, Security Personnel and Search and Rescue personnel to assist us during an emergency. Body cameras are now a relatively standard addition to two way radios and tetra radios, in their use for emergency services.

Body Cameras for Emergency Services

It is an incredibly sorry state of affairs when emergency service personnel need body cameras because they are targeted with abuse when they are trying to do their job. Paramedics are particularly badly affected by abuse on the job. Body cameras can be an effective deterrent and if not a deterrent, then a means of capturing the culprits in the act, for future prosecution.

Often ambulance staff are lone working in high-risk areas, carrying medication and coming into contact with people with know risk factors. Body cameras can provide a record of events with possible live streaming. This at the very least ensures that lone workers can feel more comfortable carrying out their job.

body cameras for emergency services

Our Thoughts

Much like security services, two way radios are definitely a requirement but so too are body cameras. The safety of emergency services personnel is vital and by implementing the right tools for the job helps keep them safe and in turn helps save lives. There are however many body camera frequently asked questions for which we have created a dedicated page for.