Hytera VM690 Pro Body Camera

The VM690 pro is a Hytera body camera is an innovative design with a rotatable lens that can be rotated vertically by up to 216°. VM690 Pro features micro gimbal stabilization (MGS) to capture stable and sharp images during movements and starlight night vision to produce colorful videos even in extremely low light conditions.

if you are looking for NFC enabled device then the VM750D has this feature and much more or if you want even more advance features then the VM780 is as good as it gets.

Hytera VM690 Pro Overview

216° Rotatable Camera

You can directly adjust the angle to an optimal view during capturing pictures or videos, without removing the camera from your uniform. This protects your focus in critical moment.

Micro Gimbal Stabilization

The built-in MGS module has a flexible movement space in the camera module, realizing the better anti-shake performance. When you use the BWC to capture a video, the stabilized image will make you feel like using a camera on a trip.

Full-Color Night Vision

The BWC assists you to capture a clear and colorful video in low light conditions. With sensitivity enhanced by the IMX335 sensor, the BWC can capture a full-color HD image with details such as human faces and license plate number.


Featuring GPS and BDS, the BWC can record the location into the photos and videos. Subsequently, you can view the track on the digital evidence management (DEM). The location information of the scene is critical for further incident investigation.

AES-256 Encryption

The reliable encryption algorithm gives you the confidence to store and transfer the evidence such as photos, audios, and videos. It also prevents unauthorized people from viewing and editing encrypted evidence.