Motorola Body Cameras

Motorola body cameras help improve the safety and accountability of front-line teams. Body cameras deliver valuable insight from the wearer’s perspective to protect staff and prove their professionalism.
By using body cameras in your business you can empower your teams to take control. This is particularly important when unexpected situations arise; the potential to capture and share real-time video increases situational awareness. If you need to consider an alternative Hytera body cameras offer a more comprehensive selection.

Motorola Body Camera Highlights

Capture evidence

The presence of body cameras often helps to calm difficult encounters. Simply press record to capture high-quality video evidence, reassure and protect staff.

Respond faster

Automatically share video and audio with centralised teams over Wi-Fi for faster and smarter incident response.

Demonstrate accountability

Empower customer-facing staff to prove their professionalism or innocence when confronted by contentious allegations. Body cameras capture irrefutable video and audio evidence.

Motorola Body Camera Video

Motorola VT100 Body Camera

Built for customer-facing teams, the VT100 includes customisable name tag and remote alarm activation. Lightweight, intuitive and the power to integrate with fixed CCTV cameras makes the VT100 a perfect fit for connected workers

motorola vt100 body camera

Motorola VB400 Body Camera

Motorola vb400

Representing the next generation of body-worn cameras. Rugged build quality. High performance. Multiple ways to connect. The VB400 is suited to mobile video security applications where full shift recording and connectivity are needed.

Motorola VideoManager

VideoManager features advanced workflows, VMS integration and secure sharing to deliver a streamlined camera, user and video evidence management software experience.

motorola video manager

Motorola Body Camera Brochures