Body Cameras In Security

Body cameras in security will be as familiar as seeing security personnel with covert earpieces and two way radios. A quick visit to the local supermarket or watching any police tv program invariably shows the use of two way radio equipment. Now with the advent of body cameras, security personnel are now able to record or live stream direct from their person with front facing cameras.

A great choice for security personnel are the Hytera body cameras due to their wide selction of choice and impressive features. Motorola body cameras are more suited to emergency services in the UK due to the existing Motorola infrastructure already in place.

Body-Worn Cameras in Security

Body-worn cameras are integrated into the security industry for many reasons.

  • Record real-time events
  • Live stream to control centres
  • Audio and Video recording
  • Capturing evidence
  • Protection against false accusation
  • Stopping situations escalating

Security staff and other personnel are benefiting across numerous industries:

  • Shops
  • Construction
  • Airports
  • Events
  • Bailiffs
  • Healthcare works
  • Paramedics
  • Fire Fighters
  • Parking attendants
  • Police

All data captured from body-worn cameras can be collected and stored using Digital Evidence Management software. Digital evidence is stored on a secure network with keyword tagging for easy retrieval of information at a later date. which collects and stores digital evidence on a secure network. You can easily find data by keyword tagging an evidence file which can be searched for at a later date so the incident can be easily reviewed or provide evidence to law enforcement if necessary.

Body-worn cameras provide HD quality footage which can help bring offenders to justice and provide accountability to those using the body cameras.

Our Thoughts

Having two way radios for security personell is almost a guarantee, it just depends on what type you require. Using body-worn cameras aswell is almost becoming a standard requirement aswell. Two way radios and body-worn cameras can be used indpendently but with the right dispatch software and system design then can be integrated together to provide a powerful security solution.