August 26

Hytera Launches Two New Licence-Free Radios


Hytera have launched two new licence-free radios aimed at Education, Hotels and Warehousing. These AP515LF and BP515LF add to the extensive new two way radios product portfolio launched by Hytera.

Hytera AP515LF

The Hytera AP515LF series business radio comes with a 3W speaker and can deliver loud and clear audio that allows you to hear and be heard in background noise. It has an incredibly long 25-hour battery life in its most minimal form. Type-C USB charge plug allows users to charge the radio with a power bank anywhere.


The AP515LF has a 3W speaker and advanced noise cancellation algorithm to eliminate unwanted background noise. It can reduce distortion, and suppress howling caused by other devices when in close proximity of each other, delivering louder and clearer audio.


The AP515LF has a high-sensitivity receiving module and high-efficiency monopole antenna to enhance signal penetration. This helps achieve better call effect even in weak signal rooms. In addition, the monopole antenna has a unique stable design and is not easy to break and bend.


With a 4000mAh Li-polymer battery, plus the low consumption design, the AP515LF has an incredibly long 25-hour battery life. The 10W USB Type-C charger can get the radio fully charged in 1.8-hours, or charge the radio in just one hour to get 8-hour of talk time.

Hytera BP515LF

The Hytera BP515LF is an enhanced two-way business radio that takes advantage of both digital and analogue modes for added flexibility. Powerful digital features like priority interrupt, basic encryption, text messaging, roaming will enhance your business service.


A built-in intelligent noise reduction algorithm eliminates unwanted background noise and supports three-level noise reduction adjustment. With a 3W high-power loudspeaker provides a loudness of up to 90dBA.

Digital and Analogue Compatible

Supports both digital and analogue modes, compatible with other PMR446 analogue and DMR Tier I radios. The BP515LF has extended range in class and features 256 channels.

Voice Notification

Voice notification confirms the operation of programmable buttons or changing the channel.

Expand Coverage

The BP515LF has a high sensitivity receiving module and high-efficiency monopole antenna to enhance signal penetration and achieve better call affect even in weak signal areas.

New Hytera Licence Free Radios Video


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