August 19

Motorola Solutions Financial Results and Aquisitions


Motorola Solutions Financial Results for the latest quartley financial statement shows sales of 2.1 billion dollars, up 9% versus a year ago.

Products and Systems

Products and systems integration sales are up by 7% and software and services sales are up by 11%


Videotec SPA

On May 12th 2022, Motorola Solutions announced the aquisition of Videotec SPA, a global provider of ruggedised video security solutions based in Italy.

This further expands Motorola Solutions reach, into the ever increasing Body Camera market place.

Barrett Communications

On 15th August 2022, Motorola Solutions announced the aquisition of Barrett Communications, a global provider of specialised radio communications, based in Western Australia.

This aquisition now adds additional military, emergency and humaintarian communication solutions to their portfolio.


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