Hytera PoC Radios

Hytera PoC Radios are designed to provide nationwide voice, video, and data services. The services connects over the 3G/LTE/5G networks.

Their PoC Radios can feed on-site information to a command centre in real-time over the LTE network to improve situational awareness particularly of MNC360 mobile PoC Radio users who are on the move, ideal to efficient dispatch operations.

hytera poc radios

Hytera PoC Radio Benefits

  • Audio

  • Calls

  • Streaming

  • GPS

  • Battery

  • Rugged

Rugged Design

PoC radios are exceptionally resistant to water and dust. It also stands up to 1.2/1.5-meter drop and extreme temperatures from –20°C to +60°C.

Hytera PoC Platform

Hytalk is a Hytera PoC Platform that can provide voice, video, data services, and multimedia scheduling services. In addition it can provide interconnection across legacy PMR (Personal Mobile Radios), IPPBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchangeand PTToC (Push-to-talk over cellular). This provides an excellent option for industries such as public safety, energy, railway, power grid and transportation. 

Hytera HyTalk is a PTT solution which is deployable on private or public LTE and Wi-Fi networks. To help you protect your legacy PMR system, the SmartOne dispatching system can connect PMR, the PoC platform, IPPBX and CCTV systems to create a truly impressive connected system.

Hytera PoC Platform Key Features

  • Next Gen

  • Multimedia

  • 3GPP

  • Migration

  • Security

  • PTT

Versatile PTT Terminals

Hytera provides various types of PTT terminals, supporting different field operation scenarios.

Hytera PoC Radios

Our Thoughts

We are truly impressed with the progress Hytera are making with all of their products. They really are challenging Motorola Solutions with their product range and their PoC devices are a definate match for Motorola PoC Radios.

In the UK PoC radios are still relatively new to a lot of users unlike the mass adoption in the USA. We have create a PoC Radio faqs page where you can find common questions and answers and we will keep adding to it.