PoC Radio FAQs

As PoC Radios are becoming more popular, with Motorola PoC radios and Hytera PoC radios being at the forefront, there are many questions that are asked. In this page, PoC Radio FAQs we will look to answer some of those questions. 

What is PTToC?

PTToC stands for Push to Talk over Cellular. PTToC is also referred to as PoC. PTToC is a service whereby you can use a mobile phone app or a specifically design PoC radio to make two way radio calls over a cellular network.

What is PTT on Mobile Phone?

PTT stands for Push-To-Talk. Push-to-talk is the process you use to operate a two way radio. On a mobile phone you can use an app to enable a PTT feature and communicate as you would on a two way radio.

What is PoC Walkie Talkie?

PoC Wallkie Talkie is the same as PoC radio. PoC stands for push-to-talk over cellular. Walkie talkie is another name for a handheld two way radio. A PoC Walkie Talkie allows you to use a specifically design walkie talkie that can use a cellular network to make two way radio calls.

What is Motorola Wave PTX?

PTX is variation of PTT (Push-To-Talk) and stands for Push-To-Anything or Push-To-Everything.
Motorola Wave PTX is a broadband push-to-talk service specific that allows users to connect with each other across multiple devices using both voice and text messaging.

What Does LTE Stand For?

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. LTE is a 4G wireless data standard that is designed to provide higher speeds and capacity than previous generations of cellular technology.

What is an LTE radio?

An LTE radio is a type of wireless radio that uses 4G wireless broadband technology. An LTE radio allows you to communicate with your two way radio system over a 4G/LTE network.

How does PTT over cellular work?

A mobile phone with a PTT app (push-to-talk) or a PoC radio capable of using a sim card, connects to a cellular network. It then allows the use of data packets to be sent over the data side of the cellular network to transmit both voice and data.