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Two Way Radio Industry Uses

There are many two way radio industry uses, from Construction, Events, Hospitality, Distribution, Oil and Gas, Petrochecmical to name a just a few.

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Two Way Radios in Construction

There are many two way radios that you can choose for your construction site. There are many robust and durable two way radios can be used. Mainly two way radios are designed to suit a range of different industries but some are better suited to the construction industry.

For more details on the types of radios used in Construction from licence-free to licenced, analogue or digital click here, Two Way Radios In Construction

Two Way Radios in Events

Two way radios for events help with crowd control and crowd monitoring. Two way radios can be a critical element that allows the Event Planners, Event Organisers and Event Delivery / Support Teams to facilitate a successful event.

For more details on the types of radios used in Events, whether to buy or hire are covered in our article here, Using Two Way Radios for Events

Two Way Radios in Security

Two way radios in the security industry are almost a standard accessory. To add to that body-worn cameras are also now in common use. Body-worn cameras allow security personnel are now able to record or live stream direct from their bodycams.

For more details on how they are utilised, visit Body-Worn Cameras and Two Way Radios In Security

Two Way Radios For Emergency Services

Robust two way radio communications are an essential tool for rapid communications for emergency services personnel. When utilised with body-worn cameras, staff feel safer and can record incidents when facing threats.

For more information on how they are used, visit Body-Worn Cameras and Two Way Radios for Emergency Services

Two Way Radios in Education

Safely managing numerous pupils in a safe and coordinated way is made easier with two way radios. Two way radios enhance time management and communication efficiency. By utilising two way radios you can stay in instant contact to ensure everyones safety.

For more information visit Two Way Radios In Education

Two Way Radios in Leisure and Hospitality

The leisure and hospitality industry can include venues such as hotels, restaurants, caravan parks, holiday parks. Anywhere that hosts numerous people relies on efficient communications. Due to the nature of the industry, discretion is a key factor and thankfully manufacturers designed many two way radios to look sleeker and more professional.

To learn more visit Two Way Radios In Leisure and Hospitality

Two Way Radios in Oil and Gas and Petrochemical

When it comes to the Oil and Gas and Petrchemical industry you will require specialist Atex two way radios. Atex radios come with varying Atex certifications depending on the manufacturer. Choosing the correct Atex two way radio will dependon the gases present on your site and the two way radio will need to meet the require Atex certification to be able to safely work on your site.

For more detailed information visit, Two Way Radios In Oil and Gas Petrochemical Industry

Two Way Radios in Warehousing, Manufacturing and Distribution

The Warehousing, Manufacturing and Distribution industry has adopted the use of digital two way radios as an enhanced communication tool. Digital two way radios when used with the correct software can integrate into existing alarms and safety features.

For more information visit, Two Way Radios In Warehousing, Manufacturing and Distribution

Our Thoughts

When you start to observe the use of two way radios you will find that you see them in virtually every industry. Two way radios when used correctly can enhance your operational efficiency and thus improve your profit margins.

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