Hytera Two Way Radios

Hytera is now one of the leading, global manufacturers of two way radios. The HYT brand was created in 1993 and many of the first two way radios introduced to the UK carried the HYT brand. In 2010 the brand name Hytera was launched. The name Hytera comes from the initial brand HYT and the word 'era' as the company was entering a new era, hence the brand name Hytera.

It would be safe to say that Hytera is a firm No.2 to Motorola two way radios and with the latest Hytera two way radio communication range being launched, they may well challenge Motorola Solutions to the No.1 spot in the future. Hytera it would seem from the outside are developing at a faster rate and have developed some impressive two way radios, PoC radios and body cameras which through their Hytalk systems can provide a fully unified communication solution.

There are many industry uses for Hytera products. Their range includes, a business analogue licence free radio, a professional licence free digital, a dedicated analogue radio, licenced digital handportable radios, digital mobile radios and digital repeaters. 

Hytera's New H Series Range

Hytera has been supplying industries such as Public Safety, Energy, Transportation, Utilities, Commercial around the world. By listening to its customers they have continued to innovate the next generation DMR Hytera two way radios.

The next generation H Series DMR two way radios are a newly designed and engineered hardware platform and software architecture. 

hytera next generation dmr two way radios

Hytera Analogue Two Way Radios

The new Hytera AP Series is a dedicated analogue two way radio. The AP series will come out as a licenced and licence free dedicated analogue device. The licence free version is the AP515LF and the licenced versions will be the AP515 and AP585. The radios will be perfectly suited to the riggours of construction sites and any other industry where use cases mean every millisecond counts.

hytera ap series

Hytera Digital Two Way Radios

The Hytera two way radios that cover their main licenced radio portfolio are the HP series. There are the HP6 series, consisting of 2 main models, a non display and a display version. Both models then have a variant with GPS and Bluetooth incorporated . The next models up from the HP6 and the HP7 series. Again there are GPS and Bluetooth variants, but these models also have man-down and lone worker features. These new radios are incredibly robust, built to MIL-STD-810 G standards and can quite easily be used by operatives on railway networks to events co-ordinators at conference centres.

All models have been enhanced for greater reliable communications, to work in virtually any industry. They have the ability to operate as both as an analogue and digital two way radio.

Additional improvements are clearer audio, extended signal range, more powerful batteries.

HP6 Series

hytera hp6 series

HP7 Series

hytera hp7 series

Hytera Mobile Radios

The new Hytera DMR mobile two way radio range has also been launched and consists of the HM6 series and HM7 series.

The HM6 series is a their generation entry-level professional DMR mobile two-way radio. The impressive feature for an entry level mobile radio is the introduction of a full colour display and easy to use piano-style buttons.

The HM7 series represents their professional high-end DMR mobile two way radio. With a full colour display and single control head and remote control head (single or dual) to suit different uses such as fixed control rooms, vehicles or motorcycles.

Hytera Repeaters

Hytera have not stopped at just creating a whole new range of handportables and mobile radios, they have two new digital repeaters aswell.

The next generation ultra-thin DMR repeater. The HR1 Series is half the size of its predecessor and comes with an integrated power adapter.

The next generation compact and lightweight repeater, the HR6 series can be mounted to a wall or even carried on the back using tailored accessories