Hytera HM6 Series

The Hytera HM6 series is the entry-level professiona DMR mobile Hytera two way radio. It has a compact and lightweight design and the radio is easy to install. A great feature is the ability to install the radio anywhere in your vehicle and still control the radio thanks to the handheld control head (HHCH). This radio is ideal for transportation, business, utilities to name just a few and work sealessly with the latest handportable radios, the HP6 series and HP7 series radios.

Hytera HM6 Series

Hytera HM6 Series Overview

Improved Coverage

With a high RX sensitivity, the HM6 series radio can deliver clear and dependable communications even in areas where the signal is unstable or weak.

Digital and Analog Compatibility

The HM6 series radio can operate in either analog or digital mode, which is the ideal solution for you to migrate from analog to digital with minimal disruption and investment.


The HM6 Series has a built-in Bluetooth (BT) 5.0 module which can work with the BT audio accessories to boost your safety and productivity during in-vehicle communications. A great feature is the ability to program the radios through BT, saving time and resource.

Crystal-clear Audio

The HM6 series radio utilises AI-based noise cancellation which filters out echoes and background noises such as a horn and engine sounds. This feature also has howling suppression that prevents the screeching or howling feedback between two radios in the same vehicle.

Handheld Control Head

With the HHCH (handheld control head) connected, the radio can be installed under the seat, in the trunk, or anywhere in the vehicle, making the installation more flexible. Also, the HHCH helps you turn on or off the HM6 Series, switch channels or contacts, adjust volumes, or view messages.


The HM6 series radio provides various data services including text message, clarity transmission, emergency alarm, radio enable/disable, GPS location, and more.


The HM6 series radio withstands harsh temperatures, shock, and vibration, and meets MIL-STD-810G standards, and IP54 for dust and water intrusion. The connection between the palm microphone and 10 pin aviation connector keep is a solid tight fit that is difficult to loosen. The drawstring of the palm microphone has the excellent stretching ability to protect the palm microphone.

Professional Mobile Radios

The HM6 series represents an excellent entry-level mobile radio, but if you need feature rich and highly versatile mobile radios, the Hytera HM785 is the professional choice.

Hytera HM6 Series Brochure

Hytera HM6 Series DMR Brochure