Hytera HM785 Mobile Radio

The Hytera HM785 supports a standard single control head and remote control head. It can work as a single or dual to suit different environments such as fixed control rooms, vehicles and motorcycles.

The HM785 Hytera two way radio facilitates faster operation and thanks to the Al-based noise cancellation technology,  voices are guaranteed to be heard in noisy environments.

The HM785 supports multiple connections through Bluetooth, and the accessory and Ethernet network ports. Through the Ethernet port it can connect two or more conventional communication systems in different areas through an IP network. 

One fantastic features is that the HM785 can connect mobile radios working on different frequency bands to solve the across-band communication problems. It also supports and works seamlessly with the next generation of Hytera repeaters.

Hytera HM785 Installation Options

The HM7 series can be installed in various enivironments thanks to the flexible control heads. Single or dual control heads can be installed. The connection cable of the remote control head can be either 3m, 10m or 40m as standard.

Standard Control Head

hytera hm7 series


Small vehicles, motorcycles

Remote Control Head

hm7 series remote head


Ambulance, fire engine, truck, large bus

Fixed Station

hm7 series fixed station


Desktop office

Hytera HM785 DMR Video

Hytera HM785 features

Operating Modes

  • Conventional (digital/analogue)
  • Digital trunking


  • Emergency alarm
  • Lone worker
  • Authentication
  • Over the air encryption
  • E2EE - Basic encryption, Full encryption
  • Hardware encryption

Text Message

  • Private message
  • Group message
  • Quick text


  • Public Address
  • Horn & Lights
  • Voice notify
  • Ignition sense


  • IP Transit
  • Back to back
  • Wireless link
  • Clarity Transmission


Alert call (conventional)
Remote monitor
Radio check

Voice Service

  • Private caII
  • Group call
  • All call


  • 2-Tone signalling
  • HDC1200

Entry-Level Mobile Radios

The HM785 is a professional grade mobile radio, but if you do not need all of the features or versatility then the HM6 series mobile radios offers the same quality and is the perfect choice.

Hytera HM785 Brochure

Hytera HM785 Brochure