Two Way Radios For Security

One of the key two way radio industry uses has to be for security. Most people will be familiar with seeing security personnel with covert earpieces and two way radios. A quick visit to the local supermarket, watching any police tv program, attending any leisure or hospitality invariably shows the use of two way radio equipment. In recent years with hightened terrorist threats two way radios at oil and gas facilities have increased significantly.

Security Two Way Radios

Security personnel will likely use a small and compact twoway radio so that they can conceal it on their person. In addition and the most critical aspect of two way radio use is the earpiece itself, from semi-covert to covert to throat mics for high-noise environments. If the security person is not operating discreetly they will now likely wear a body-worn camera aswell.

two way radios in security

Security Semi Covert Earpieces

Semi covert earpieces will be wired to the discreetly positioned two way radio, with the cable fed underneath clothing so that only the G or D earpiece or acoustic tube is visible.

Security Full Covert Earpieces

Full covert earpieces are designed for deep covert operations. Earpieces are available to fit all ear sizes and skin tones. Users are then able to maintain constant secure communication with their operations team whilst maximising concealment.

Security Throat Microphones

Security personnel in high-noise environments can use throat microphones. This offers a subtle and reliable communications solution. Due to the positioning of the microphone, the user’s speech is easily picked up.

Digital Two Way Radios in Security

The latest digital two way radio systems provide improved radio solutions. Integration is now possible with CCTV monitoring centres, allowing digital encryption, GPS tracking, Voice recording, Text messaging and management of emergency alarms to name a few.

While two-way radios help security staff with their day-to-day activities in a timely and efficient manner, this does not assist when confronting suspects, however, the two-way radio industry has been at the forefront of body-worn camera implementation across many industries including the security industry.