Motorola DP1400

The Motorola DP1400 or MOTOTRBO DP1400 as it is also known, is an entry-level, licenced two way radio from Motorola Solutions. The DP1400 is a durable, reliable and cost-effective digital and analogue two way radio.

Key Motorola Dp1400 Features

One push of the Motorola Dp1400 PTT button provides instant communication, either one-to-one or with a whole team

  • One push of the PTT button provides instant communication, either one-to-one or with a whole team
  • Built-in 16bit encryption keeps your DP1400 conversations private
  • With a specially design PTT button,it easy operate with one hand
  • A voice announcement feature will confirm your actions such as alerts, status and the channel you have selected
  • Analogue and digital modes
  • Rugged build quality, conforming to IP54 rating for water and dust ingress
  • Loud and clear built in speaker. In digital mode the DP1400 uses digital noise cancelling software which can boost the volume and eliminate howling when radios are used close together
  • A long life battery to ensure long shifts can be covered on a single charger. 19.5 hours in analogue mode and 25 hours in digital mode. Note: These times are based on 5% transmit, 5% receive and 90% standby.
motorola dp1400

Motorola DP1400 Digital and Analogue Mode

The Motorola DP1400 combines both analogue and digital technology, which means that you can use this radio to communicate with existing analogue radios. Then, when you are ready, you can you can migrate to digital mode.

Each channel Motorola Dp1400 can be configured as a conventional analogue or a conventional digital channel.

Provided the radio is configured correctly, you can simply use the channel selector Knob to switch between an analogue or digital channel.

Scanning DP1400 Analogue and Digital Channels

The DP1400 has a dual scan feature, which when used, means the radio will scan for voice activity. During the scan the LED will blink yellow.

If you are currently using a digital channel and your radio locks onto an analogue channel, the Motorola DP1400 will automatically switch to analogue mode for the duration of that call. If you are on an analogue channel and your radio locks onto a digital channel it will switch to digital mode.

What is the Difference between the Dp1400 Analogue and Digital Mode?

In analogue mode the frequency allocation for each channel is 12.5Khz. Analogue can only transmit a single voice transmission on a 12.5Khz frequency.

  • Therefore 1 channel = 12.5 Khz = 1 voice channel
  • In digital mode the frequency allocation is still 12.5Khz, but because of digital encoding, the frequency can be split into 2 x 6.25KHz.
  • Therefore 1 channel = 6.25KHz = 1 voice channels or 1 data channel
  • Digital mode doubles the capacity of your channels while still using the same Ofcom licence
To explain this further we need to look understand the basics of an Ofcom licence

Ofcom Radio Licence

In this example we will assume you have an Ofcom business licence and have paid for 1 channel frequency for your site.

In analogue mode you literally have 1 channel you can use

In digital mode you can split the frequency and use half on channel 1 and half on channel 2

This means for the cost of a single channel radio licence you now have 2 channels to use.

3 Main benefits of using the DP1400 digital mode

As above you can double your number of available channels

It can increase the life of your battery as the signal is sent in bursts rather than continuous

The voice quality is clearer and at the edge of the reception you do not get the static hiss like analogue

Which Motorola DP1400 Frequency Should I Use?

VHF should be used for longer range requirements with minimal objects / structures in your line of sight to the person or people you are communicating with.

UHF should be used for shorter distances where there are numerous buildings / objects in your line of sight.

If you have an existing licence and it states a specific frequency then of course that frequency will dictate the Motorola DP1400 frequency that you should purchase.

Motorola DP1400, What's In The Box?

  • Battery (Options)
  • Single-Unit Charger (Optional)
  • Antenna
  • 3" Belt Clip (HLN8255_)
  • In-box Documentation
  • What Warranty Comes with the Motorola DP1400?

    The radio only, comes with 24 months warranty. This does not apply to the battery or accessories supplied with the radio.

    Which Battery Should I Choose for the Motorola Dp1400?

    You can choose between Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh) or lithium-Ion (Li-ion). We would never recommend the NiMh battery as these suffer from what is known as 'memory effect' which can effectively shorten the life of the battery if they are not charged and used correctly

    The Motorola Dp1400 has 3 main li-ion batteries to choose from. As above the battery duration is detailed for the 1600Mah li-ion battery. If you are always communicating on your radio then you can go to 2300Mah or 2900Mah li-ion battery.

    Is the Motorola DP1400 Suitable for My Industry?

    The Motorola DP1400 can be used across a wide range of industries. Because of the robust build quality, any industry which has harsh conditions such as Construction sites will benefit from this radio.

    That being said, they can be used in retail, education, events, hospitality, warehousing, agricultural, facilities etc. However if you need a feature rich two way radio, then the latest Motorola R7 radio may be worth looking at.

    motorola dp1400 for industrial
    motorola dp1400 for manufacturing

    What Audio Accessories Can I Use with a Dp1400?

    The DP1400 has a number of different earpieces and headsets available to use from Motorola Solutions. These can range from remote speaker mics (lapel mics, fist mics), receive only earpieces, earpieces with in-line PTT buttons. The decision of what to use is really down to the individual person.

    Non-genuine audio accessories are also an option and sometimes the build quality is actually better than those provided by Motorola.

    Note: Always check that non-genuine accessories are specifically designed to work with the Motorola DP1400

    Motorola DP1400 Radio Controls

    Motorola DP1400 radio controls

    Motorola DP1400 Features and Specification


    • Get all the benefits of digital, including better voice quality, better range and better battery life – but retain compatibility with your existing radio fleet while giving yourself the freedom to migrate to the latest technology at your own pace.

      Automatic Gain

    • Automatically compensates for changes in voice level, whether you are speaking softly or loudly, turning your head, or moving the microphone further away from your mouth.

      Transmit Interrupt Capability

    • Enables a supervisor to interrupt a DP1400 user to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed.

      Compatible with Radio Management Suite

    • Program your radios quickly and efficiently, with Motorola Solutions Radio Management tool. Radios can be programmed in batches to a standardised template, giving error-free results and optimised performance.

      Dual Capacity Direct Mode

    • Utilise the power of the 2-slot TDMA DMR standard to increase calling capacity and minimise licensing costs.

      Encrypted Communications

    • Keep your communications from being intercepted and your channels secure with 16-bit encryption.

      Lone Worker

    • DP1400 can help protect those working on their own by regularly prompting the user to press a button on the radio.  If the user does not respond within a specified length of time, a supervisor or dispatcher is notified that there may be a problem.
      IP54 Rated - Dustproof and splash-proof, so you can work with confidence in challenging environments.

    Performance Characteristics

    • Frequency range

      VHF (136-174 MHz); UHF (403-470 MHz)
    • Power

      Power supply- 7.5V (Nominal)
    • Battery life (based on a 05 05 90 duty cycle)

      9.5 - 12.0 hours (NiMH 1400 mAh)
      11.5 - 14.5 hours (Li-Ion 1600 mAh)
      15.5 - 19.5 hours (Li-Ion 2250 mAh)
      19.5 - 25.0 hours (Li-Ion 2900 mAh)
    • Audio output

      0.5 W (Internal)
    • Power output

      1 or 5W (VHF)
      1 or 4W (UHF)

    Physical Characteristics

    • Rotary on off volume

    • Tri-colour status LED

    • Emergency button

    • Keypad

    • Display

      No Display
    • Weight (with standard battery)

      406g (NiMH 1400mAh)
      341g (Slim Li-Ion 1600mAh)
      346g (High Cap Li-Ion 2250mAh)
      348g (Ultra-High Cap Li-Ion 2900mAh)
    • Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)

      128 x 62 x 42 mm NiMH 1400mAH
      128 x 62 x 39 mm Li-Ion 1600mAH
      128 x 62 x 44 mm Li-Ion 2250mAH
      128 x 62 x 44 mm Li-Ion 2900 mAh

    Radio Features

    • Programmable buttons

    • Voice operated transmit (VOX)

    • Time out timer

    • Talkaround

    • Signalling

    • Scrambling

    • Scan types

      Normal, Priority, Dual priority, Nuisance channel delete, Talk group, All group
    • Selective calling

    • Digital Private Line

    • Private Line

    • Monitor Permanent (Sticky) Monitor

    • CPS (Customer Programming Software)

    • Channel spacing (kHz)

      12.5, 25, 20, 12.5 (6.25 efficient)
    • Number of channels

    • Channel scan

    • Call tones

    • Busy channel lockout

    • Audio gain control

    • Integrated voice and data

    • Advanced Software Features

      Remote Monitor


    • System type

      Conventional, TDMA
    • Digital technology


    User Environment

    • Noise reduction software

    • Accelerated life test

    • Mil spec

      810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G, 810 H
    • IP Standards


    Motorola DP1400 Brochure