Two Way Radio Engineers

Two way radio engineers can range from bench engineers that repair two way radios to component level. They can be on-site engineers that complete on-site installations, repairs or fulfil maintenance support contracts. Whichever role they fulfil, they are a vital component to a two way radio supplier.

Bench Engineer

Two way radio bench engineers will be responsible for the repair of customer and hire fleet two way radios. Typically they will have a keen interest in RF (radio frequencies) and be competent with regards to fault finding electronics. If they are certified to do so they may conduct component level repairs on two way radios. In addition, they are increasing required to have a good understanding of PC networking. This is because the latest digital repeater systems can now connect over IP networks and conducting preliminary testing in the workshop is becoming more common.

Field Engineer

A good two way radio field engineer will likely be qualified to HNC level in electrical and electronics. They may well have started as a bench engineer as a foundation for two way radios.

A good field engineer will be adept in the design, maintenance, installation, commissioning and project management of system level products including PMR, DMR, radio and system infrastructure. This will mean that they will have a good understanding of IP networking as the new repeater systems can connect over ip to facilitate amongst other serverices, VoIP.

Because of the varied on-site nature of their work, they will likely be proficient in completing health and safety documents such as risk assessments and method statements. In addition working at heights and confined spaces will also be a skill set due to the nature of antenna installations and antenna cable installations.

Field engineers will also be the person you meet should you have an installation requirement on site or if you have a maintenance support contract, they will likely be on call to your site.

Our Thoughts

Two Way Radio Enginneers are one of the most critical jobs in the two way radio industry, as within them, suppliers cannot complete on-site installations, offer repair services or program two way radios before they are shipped to a customer.