Two Way Radio System

A two way radio system is a combination of more than one device to create a communications system. An example would be the use of digital two way radios and a digital repeater(s) connected to a dispatch console. Another example could simple be the use of two way radios and a repeater base only. Both constitute a two way radio system and can be applied to many industry uses.

Many two way radio manufacturers produce their own products to fulfil a two way radio system, such as two way radios, repeaters bases, accessories and dispatch console software. There are also two way radio software specialists which only provide the software, designed to work with a single of multiple two way radio manufacturers. Usually these software companies become a partner of a manufacturer program and develop the software in conjunction with them. Of course non of these radios, systems and applications would be any good without suppliers provide great radio services.

Motorola Solutions Two Way Radio Systems

Motorola (Motorola Solutions) is the leading communications specialist in the field of two way radio communications. For a number of years Motorola has dominated the industry and Google search results tend to show that 80% of search traffic for two way radios is for Motorola products.

Is Motorola Solutions The Best?

A question like that is always subjective. However a regular quote from company buyers when presented with comparable products from other manufacturers was 'you never get sacked buying Motorola'. So while there are other manufacturer products that can do the same tasks, many felt that Motorola products and the support given were often more reliable and a safer 'bet' than choosing a a different manufacturers products.

Available Motorola Two Way Radio Systems

Motorola has numerous two way radio system solutions. With the advent of digital two way radios, the two way radio system landscape changed. The use of transmitting voice and data over IP networks brought the introduction of a new type of two way radio system. The name given to digital two way radios and digital two way radio systems is MOTOTRBO. There are MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect, MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Multi-site and MOTOTRBO Capacity Max

Motorola Systems FAQs

What is MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect?

MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect is the means of connecting digital repeater base stations over an IP network. You can connect up to 15 sites, anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.

What is MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus?

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max is single site digital trunking software solution that links up to 1,200 MOTOTRBO radio users to voice and data without adding new frequencies.

What is MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Multi-site?

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Multi-site is an expansion of a Capacity Plus digital trunking software solution. Instead of a single site you can have 12 voice paths for 1200 users per site across 3 sites or 6 voice paths for 600 users per site across 15 sites.

What is MOTOTRBO Capacity Max?

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max is a digital trunked two way radio system is built for voice and data, with features and applications such as digital emergency and work order ticketing. The system supports up to 250 sites with up to 3000 users per site.

Available Hytera Two Way Radio Systems

Like Motorola, Hytera has many digital two way radio systems available. Hytera offers a very similar range of products to compete with Motorola and in our opinion they are the main competitor to Motorola. Hytera offers, Hytera DMR Tier III Trunking, Hytera DMR SmartOne and Hytera SmartDispatch

Hytera Systems FAQs

What is Hytera DMR Tier III?

Hytera DMR Tier III is a digital trunked two way radio system designed for large networks ranging from around 100 users to 1000's of users.

What is Hytera DMR SmartOne?

Hytera DMR SmartOne is a unified communication platform. It combines functions, such as dispatching, voice recording, AVL and camera monitoring all from a single interface. Single or multi-client, Hytera DMR SmartOne unifies your communications.

What is Hytera SmartDispatch?

Hytera SmartDispatch is a dispatch software application. It is designed to manage and direct all of your DMR conventional Tier II radio subscribers. It also includes voice-over-ip (VoIP) support.

TRBONet Radio Dispatcher Software FAQ

What is TRBONet?

TRBOnet is an IP dispatch software and hardware solution for MOTOTRBO a Two-Way Radio System. It offers GPS Tracking, Alarm Management, Guard Tour, Indoor Positioning, Telephone Interconnect, Voice Dispatch and Job Ticketing management from a dispatch console.

Smart PTT Radio Dispatcher Software FAQ

What is SmartPTT?

SmartPTT is an integrated voice and data dispatch software application for MOTOTRBO two way radio systems. It offers voice dispatch, emergency management, GPS location tracking, voice and event logs and indoor location tracking.

LTE PoC Radio System FAQ

With the accelerated growth and popularity of Push-to-Talk Over Cellular devices and uses, LTE PoC Systems are being introduced by the major two way radio manufacturers.

What is a LTE PoC Radio System?

An LTE PoC Radio system is combination of push-to-talk over cellular devices, applications and software to provide a local, national and international radio system over cellular networks.

Our Thoughts

There are many to way radio system solutions available to cover numerous communication requirements. When digital two way radios were introduced it changed the two way radio landscape. Now with the improvements and advances in LTE PoC radios, apps and software, a total communication integration across all suitable devices is possible, virtually anywhere in the world.