Hytera Smart Dispatch

The Hytera Smart Dispatch application is designed as a support tool to manage and direct all of your DMR conventional Tier II radio subscribers. It's a two way radio system, which has a client-server architecture, a modular design and Voice-over-IP support (VoIP).

The Hytera Smart Dispatch application is not a single module, but a group of components that can be built up to a system, based on subscriber size, topology and coverage requirements. It can be configured as a small single-site system, up to a large multi-site, cross-country network system. All configurations can easily be managed through a remote configuration tool. If you are looking for a full unified system that can integrate with CCTV systems then the DMR SmartOne system is a great choice.

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Hytera Smart Dispatch Features

  • All Types of Voice Call: Private call, group call and all call. Every client console can access up to 8 voice dispatching channels. Via these dispatching channels, it can receive all types of calls, as well as trigger any type of call through a user-friendly interface.
  • Voice Recording and Playback: All incoming / outgoing calls will be recorded and stored on the Hytera Smart Dispatch System server. This includes, DMR voice calls and PSTN interconnected voice calls.
  • Phone Interconnect: Implemented via the SIP standard protocol to integrate with standard IP-PBX for voice interconnection between radios and PSTN public phone network.
  • Visualised Dispatching: The dispatcher can perform various functions including calls, presence check, call alert, text messages and remote monitor. The current map interface can be saved so that when the client logs into the system again, the GPS can automatically open the previously saved map interface.
  • Audio-link: Allows users to patch talk groups, channels, sites and systems together so there is seamless communication between all radio users.
  • Remote Monitoring: By un-muting the microphone of a radio, the Hytera Smart Dispatch System will be able to monitor voice activities remotely without the PTT button having to be pressed. This can be useful in emergency situations.
  • Dispatcher Intercom: Supports direct communication between client consoles through the Hytera Smart Dispatch System.
  • GPS Positioning: This feature is only available for radio subscribers which are fitted with GPS.
  • Real-time Tracking: The location of any radio can be tracked in real time.
  • Location History and Route Playback: All location information of radios will be kept in the systems database for later retrieval and history location checking.
  • Telemetry: Remote Monitor Control, Receive Alerts and Record devices connecting to a radio.
  • Regions and Geofencing: Dispatch users can define regions on the map as working or restricted areas for a predefined set of radios. If breached, a geofencing alarm will be activated in the control centre and optionally a message will be sent to the subscriber unit.
  • Text Messaging: Dispatchers are able to send and receive DMR standard text messages. A text message can be sent to a radio, or a group message can be sent to a group of radios identified by group ID.
  • Multiple Mapping Support: Provides multiple mapping options for a user to select based on their own usage requirement.
  • E-mail Gateway: The Hytera Smart Dispatch System server integrates with SMTP and POP3 servers.
  • Emergency Alarm: When an emergency is activated by a subscriber radio, the Hytera Smart Dispatch System will trigger an alarm.
  • Import or Export In Bulk: When there are a number of radios or work groups to add, an Excel file can be generated by inputting all information about these.
  • Radio Stun / Activation: A Radio can be stunned remotely. The radio can be activated again when necessary by the administrator.
  • Wide-are Networking: The server, gateway and terminal can all be deployed throughout the wide area network.
  • Off-line Radios Message & On-line/Off-line Status Reporting: You can send a text message to offline radios. When the radio registers online, the text message will be received. When the radio is powered on / off it will send a status report to the dispatcher.
  • Repeater Access: The Hytera Smart Dispatch System can support single station mode and IP connection mode with a repeater.
  • OTAP: Radio features over the air, such as radio ID, radio Alias, colour code, slot operation, Tx & Rx frequency, Rx group list, and Tx contact name can be programmed over the air.
  • Database Backup and Recovery: The Hytera Smart Dispatch System offers two ways to back up the database, manual or automatic.
  • Reporting and Statistics: The Hytera Smart Dispatch System can generate various types of reports, including calling report, radio status report and location tracking report.

Hytera Smart Dispatch Brochure

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