MOTOTRBO Capacity Max

The MOTOTRBO Capacity Max two way radio system provides a scalable, highly secure trunked radio communications solution. It supports up to 250 sites with up to 3000 users per site.

The Capacity Max architecture is optimised for high performance, high efficiency and graceful scalability. This means is enables instant, reliable voice and data communications for seamless coordination across a single campus or a large-scale operation. From a single console you can have complete control of the entire system.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max Video

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max Features

  • Applications: Digital Emergency, call queuing prioritisation and over-the-air programming
  • System Management Software: Command of infrastructure, devices and talk groups, all organised in a logical way to make you more efficient and effective.
  • Updating and Upgrading: Push out software and firmware patches to the system server, infrastructure and radios.
  • Security: All voice, data and control traffic within the IP network is encrypted, and all radios are securely authenticated.
  • Easy Migration: Easily transition from Capacity Plus Multi-site to Capacity Max via a simple, software update
  • Increased Capacity: It can support up to 250 sites with up to 3000 users per site
  • High Resiliency: Designed for high performance, high availability and high resiliency. Optional redundant system servers, IP switches and on-site control channel repeaters can be added to ensure that no single failure can bring your system down.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max Applications

Capacity Max supports a broad ecosystem of voice and data applications from the MOTOTRBO Application Developer Program.
For Control Room Solutions, Capacity Max supports SmartPTT PLUS and TRBOnet PLUS

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max Brochure