MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

The MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus two way radio system allows you to expand and optimise the full capacity of your MOTOTRBO system. This can be achieved without the cost and inconvenience of purchasing additional infrastructure.

Capacity Plus is a software solution that the intelligently links up to 1200 MOTOTRBO radio users to voice and data without adding new frequencies. Employees can exchange information with voice communication and also share data, all on the same system. This can be receiving work order tickets from hotel guest services, text messages from the production line or location updates throughout the distribution site. If your site doesn't have this volume of users then the IP Site Connect solution may work well for you.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Features

  • Capacity Over Analogue: 5 times the capacity of an analogue conventional system and 3 times the capacity of an analogue trunking system
  • Capacity Over Conventional MOTOTRBO System: 2 times the capacity
  • No of Talk Paths: 16
  • No. Of Dedicated Paths: An additional 24
  • No. Of Radios: Accommodates up to 1,600 radios
  • Applications: GPS-enabled location services, text messaging, telemetry and much more, on the same system
  • System-wide Calling: Capability to communicate with all personnel at once
  • RDAC (Repeater Diagnostic and Control): Supports RDAC to help ensure the continuous performance of your system
  • Integration: Integrates with existing MOTOTRBO systems via a software upgrade

Covering Multiple Sites

If you need to connect different sites together on the same system, the upgrading the Capacity Plus to the Capacity Plus Multi-site could be the solutions, it is capable of managing and connecting 1200 users per site across 3 sites.

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Brochure

View the MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Brochure here: