MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect

If you are currently using a two way radio system like the MOTOTRBO repeater base system on a single site and would like to connect to a second site using the same set up you can. MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect extends the reach of your MOTOTRBO two way radio system to connect up to 100 people easily and seamlessly, regardless of geography.

MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect links multiple MOTOTRBO repeaters over a standard IP network providing enhanced coverage. Voice and data communications are uninterrupted without having to change channels.
Expanding the coverage of your MOTOTRBO radio system is quick and affordabe, with no service or access fees. To connect the MOTOTRBO repeaters, all you need is an IP connection. Your workforce are now better connected, can operate more efficiently and helps them to work more safely.

When managing a large volume of users on a site, the next option to consider would be the MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus which can handle upto 1200 users.

Motorola IP Site Connect Video

MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect Features

  • Wide Area Coverage: Up to 15 sites can be connected using a standard IP network.
  • Cost-Effective Deployment: No system controller required. Communications are coordinated by the site repeaters
  • Full Voice and Data Support: Every site supports voice and data
  • Upgrade and Expand, Easy to Maintain: The RDAC tool (Repeater Diagnostics And Control) is included and you can access all sites remotely for maintenance, upgrade and configuration
  • Cost Effective Migration: As your business grows, it's easy to further upgrade from IP Site Connect to a MOTOTRBO trunked solution such as MOTOTRBO Connect Plus

MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect Brochure

View the Brochure here:

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