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What Are PoC Radios?

PoC Radios (Push-to-talk Over Cellular Radios) are specialist two way radio / mobile phone style handsets that feature a push to talk (PTT) button on the side of the device. You can use a PoC Radio as a two way radio but utilising mobile phone networks for national coverage.

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PoC Radio Background History

PoC Radios use a system of communication that takes its UK history from the Dolphin network. The Dolphin network started in 1999 on a nationwide basis, combining cellular telephony, mobile radio, and interactive messaging in a single handset or in-vehicle terminal.

The Dolphin network was a great concept and introduced the push-to-talk over cellular solution at a time when two-way radio development had largely stood still for 20 years. The cost of the network and the lack of uptake from clients meant that Dolphin went into administration. It is now under new ownership and to this date still the only digital network in the world. That being said PoC Radios have taken a slightly different route.

PoC Radios in 2022

PoC Radios have come a long way and in 2022. The leading manufacturers now focus on integrating multiple devices across different cellular networks. The aim is to provide seamless connectivity to all staff members regardless of their location, network, and device.

PoC Radio Devices

Two way radios are traditionally very rugged and are used in harsh environments where mobile phones would easily break. For this reason manufacturers such as Motorola Solutions, Hytera, Icom and Entel have created their own PoC radio devices. The devices are built in the traditional formats of a two-way radio whereby you have a designated push-to-talk button. The handsets come with integrated SIM cards. This enables the devices to connect to cellular networks and enjoy the network coverage that cellular networks offer. In addition, these devices can communicate with mobile phone dispatch systems that have the applicable push-to-talk app. In the case of Motorola Solutions if you have a capacity plus trunked network solution you can also integrate the devices onto that network as well.

motorola poc radio
Motorola Wave PoC Radio
hytera poc radio
Hytera PoC Radio

PoC Mobile Phones Apps

There are numerous mobile phone networks within the UK, Europe, and the world. By installing the applicable application to your mobile phone you can turn it into a push to talk over a cellular device regardless of the network. In the case of Motorola Solutions, you can now communicate from your mobile phone directly to a radio user on-site or directly with the dispatch operator. this can be in the form of texts or voice. You can also send files to multiple devices.

PoC Radio Dispatch System

A PoC radio dispatch system can be implemented at a central location and be used to manage all aspects hope you all communications. A PoC radio dispatch system can allow you to share details with an individual or your entire team via text, photo, video, or file attachment. You can also track your mobile teams on a map and efficiently dispatch based on real-time location.

Our Thoughts

The information above provides a good overview of what PoC Radios are and the history behind them. As our mobile networks become faster and able to transfer more and more data, then the use cases for PoC Radios increases. There is alway a caveat with any communication device, partcularly PoC Radios. As they utilise cellular networks, the network coverage is of key importance. The cellular networks do not cover every square inch of land, so therefore you will always find dead spots where you cannot communicate.

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